10 Best Social Media Advertising Tips for Content Marketers

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Let’s begin with the bad news. It is more difficult than ever to get your content noticed.

Google has made changes to its search results pages, which have made it harder for users to find relevant content, particularly when they are searching for commercial keywords. Paid search CPCs have reached an all-time high in established markets.

How can organic reach be achieved on social media? It is almost dead. Half of all content receives zero shares and less than 0.1% will be shared more often than 1,000 times. Facebook has just made it clear that your content is less likely to be shared by people not related to you. (Sorry.)

The average internet marketing conversion rate is also less than 1 percent.

How Content Marketing Doesn’t (Usually) Work

What is the actual process of content marketing? Many believe that content marketing is a three-step process.

  1. Create new content.
  2. Use social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to share your content. ).
  3. People buy your stuff.

Nope. This is almost always the case.

Most content doesn’t go anywhere. The journey of a consumer to purchase a product is not a straight line. It takes time.

Is there a better way to increase sales and leads with content?

Social Media Ads to the Rescue!

It’s now time to share the good news with you guys! Social media ads are the most flexible content promotion. They have been proven to convert visitors into leads or customers.

The best part? It doesn’t take a lot of money to advertise.

This is a better and more realistic way to do content marketing:

  1. Create: Share content on social media.
  2. Enhance: Promote your most important content on social media.
  3. Tag To increase your remarketing reach, tag site visitors with a Cookie.
  4. Filter Use behavioral and demographic filters to filter your audience.
  5. Remarket Promote offers to your audience using display ads, social media ads and Remarketing Lists For Search Ads (RLSA).
  6. Convert: Capture qualified leads and/or sales
  7. Repeat.

These 10 Twitter and Facebook advertising hacks can be used as either a catalyst or an accelerator to increase your traffic.

1. Get a better quality score

Google’s Quality Score is a measure that Google uses to assess the quality and relevancy of keywords and PPC ads. It also influences your cost per click. Facebook refers to their version as a “Relevancy score”

Twitter calls it a “Quality Adjusted bid”

No matter what you call it Quality Score, it is an important metric in social media advertising. Your post engagement rate can help you increase your Quality Score for Facebook and Twitter.

High quality scores are great as you will get more impressions for your budget and at a lower price per engagement. A low Quality Score can be disastrous as you will have a low impression share and high engagement cost.

How can you increase engagement rates Your unicorns are the top 1-3% content that performs better than any other content. They should be promoted over your donkeys, which is your bottom 97 percent.

You will need to test your content to determine if it is unicorn-like or donkey-like.

  • You can post lots of content (organically) on Twitter. Use Twitter Analytics to determine which content is most popular.
  • Your top content from Twitter can be organically shared to LinkedIn or Facebook. Track which posts are getting the most traffic.
  • Promote unicorns on Facebook or Twitter by paying to advertise.

Paying for social media ads via paid channels is all about being selective. You can maximize engagement rates by narrowing your search.

2. Audience targeting can increase engagement

It’s not easy to target all your fans. You’ll be lazy and waste a lot money.

Your fans are not all the same. Each fan has a different income, interest, value, and preference.

This tweet I wrote for Inc. received 10x more engagement by targeting Donald Trump fans, NRA members with job titles in social media marketing, NRA members and using the hashtag #NeverHillary.

Keyword targeting and other audience targeting methods can transform average ads into unicorns.

3. Get Free Clicks from Paid Ads

Tweet engagements are the most viewed type of ad campaign on Twitter. Why? I don’t know why. Every user engagement is charged. This includes any person who views your profile, expands it, clicks on a hashtag, or tweets about you.

Stop doing this. Now. It is a huge waste of money, and it has the worst ROI.

Instead, only pay for what is most important to your business. This could be clicks to your site, app installs or leads to your business.

You only get paid if someone follows you when you have a Twitter followers campaign. Your tweet promoting one your unicorn content pieces will get you a lot of impressions and retweets as well as replies, mentions or likes. All this for a low, low price of $0.

4. Promote Unicorn Video Ads

You would be amazed at how many video views you can get for $0.02 per view.

Video-savvy shoppers are more likely to recall you and purchase from you. A couple quick tips for success:

  • Promote videos that have the highest engagement (i.e., the most traffic) on your website, YouTube or anywhere else.
  • Digiday reports that 88% of Facebook videos can be understood by people without the need to hear it.
  • It should be memorable. Keep it brief and targeted at the right audience.

Bonus: Video ads increase relevancy score by two points

5. Get huge wins with custom audiences

True story: I once wrote an article asking if Twitter Ads worked. I used Twitter’s targeted audiences feature to promote my article. It also allowed me to target key influencers.

Business Insider requested permission to publish the story that very day. That article was then promoted to targeted audiences by me.

A Fox News producer sent me an email one hour later. You can see where I was:

Custom audiences’ incredible power resulted in live interviews with major news outlets such as the BBC, 250 high value press pickups, links, brand exposure, 100,000 page views to WordStream, and a new business relationship.

This is only one example of identity-based social media marketing. This opens up a world of possibilities for advertising, whether it’s Twitter’s targeted audiences or Facebook’s customized audiences.

6. Promote your content on more social platforms

Medium, Hacker News and Digg all deliver huge amounts of traffic. You should only post content that is relevant to your audience.

You can post content to Medium and LinkedIn. Repurposing existing content is better than creating new content. This will allow a new audience to find and consume your content.

You can also use social media ads to generate hundreds of thousands or millions of views that you wouldn’t otherwise get. You might be able to syndicate your posts (I have had my posts syndicated to Time Magazine and New York Observer).

Promote your content on sites such as Reddit or Hacker News. Upvoting your content can bring you valuable exposure, which will drive tons of traffic back to it.

You can get serious exposure and traffic for a small investment!

7. Optimize for Engagement to Get Insanely Awesome Search Engine Optimization

Google’s AI machine-learning system RankBrain (an approximate 15% of all queries) is being used to better understand search queries.

Google may be looking at user engagement metrics such as bounce rates, organic click-throughs, dwell times, conversion rates and bounce rates to rank pages with low or no links. This will allow them to provide better answers for users’ questions and rank those pages.

Even though user engagement metrics are not part of the core ranking algorithm for SEO, you will reap great rewards from achieving high organic CTRs or conversion rates.

  • More clicks and more conversions
  • Higher organic search rankings
  • More clicks and more conversions

Social media ads can be used to increase brand recognition and double conversion rates for organic searches.

8. Social Media Remarketing

Remarketing on social media will increase engagement by 3x and conversion rates by 2x. All this while reducing your costs by a third. Make the most of it!

Social media remarketing can be used to promote your hard offers such as sign-ups and consultations.

9. Combine Everything with Super Remarketing

Super remarketing is a combination of demographics, behaviors and high-engagement content. Here are the details.

  • Interest targeting and behavior: These people are interested in your stuff.
  • Remarketing These people have just checked out your stuff.
  • Demographic targeting These people can afford your stuff.

You now need to target your social ads to a specific audience using your high-engagement unicorns.

10. Combine Paid Search and Social Ads

Our final tip, and the most advanced, is to combine social ads with PPC ads on Google via RLSA.

The RLSA is extremely powerful. Targeting customized search ads to only people who have visited your site recently when they search on Google is possible. This increases click-through and conversion rate by 3x, and reduces cost per-click by a further third.

There is one problem. RLSA is not designed to target people unfamiliar with your brand.

Social ads are a great way to do this. Social media ads can help you reach more people.

Social media ads are a cheap way to get people to like you. Even though they might not be in immediate need of what you offer, they will search for it later.

These insanely powerful Twitter or Facebook advertising hacks can transform your content marketing efforts into unicorns if they are not working.

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