Google Image Ranking Factors To Be Aware Of

How important is ranking on Google Images?

People often focus almost exclusively on text-based content when optimizing content. Ranking highly for images on your website can help increase traffic and popularity.

Clicking through Google Images spreads your brand’s reach and reputation. These images can improve the performance of your site, which can lead to higher rankings in the regular SERPs.

How are Google Images selected?

Google wants to show users unique images that match their query. Google Images won’t display stock photos. They will instead try to show unique images that align with their query.

Google will also be negatively affected if there are multiple copies of the same image.

Google will examine the content of the page that contains the image and the image itself to determine what it is and how it relates to other queries.

Google’s spiders can’t see images, so they use tags and markups to understand and place the image in Google Images.

How can I get my photo to the top of Google Images?

These guidelines will help you ensure the best performance of Google Images.

  1. To optimize for Google, you need to balance optimizing the image’s aesthetic quality and ensuring a quick load time. Google is keen to promote high-quality images. However, slow-loading images will result in a poor user experience and a lower ranking.
  2. You must ensure that the images you wish to rank for are unique. Google doesn’t want to show duplicates, as we have already mentioned. The best images to choose are those of your products in action, customers, services, or any other photos taken by the brand.
  3. To make your image appear in images, you should include detailed labels. Google spiders will crawl as many details about your image as possible to help you. Alt tags, title tags and image names are all important. If possible, use your targeted keyword. Also, explain how the image connects to the topic.
  4. Schema markups can be used to draw attention to an image. This will allow you to be eligible for rich snippets and help the search engine understand your image to be displayed at the right times.
  5. You can track your progress with the BrightEdge Page Reporter or Google Webmaster Tools. You can filter your image searches and view search analytics with the webmaster tools to track your success in this specific category.

A high-ranking image search result can bring more visitors to your site and give your page an extra boost. These guidelines will help you to add images that work.


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