SEO Strategy

A solid SEO strategy includes many factors which will help to improve your search results prominence across Google and other different search engines. Modern search engine optimization strategies are not just limited to search. They include social media platforms, local business directories, niche-specific information websites, and any other place potential customers might be looking for your products and services. Other factors such as the strength of your reviews, the quality of your brand message, the ease of use, or user experience are all critically important to being found online and being compelling enough for people to click and buy from you. All these factors and more are included in Holeshot Digital optimization programs.

Tailored SEO Strategy

As always, one size does not fit all; HD will create and implement a tailored strategy for your business. We will research and target keywords that relate to an area, for example, ‘SEO Sydney‘ or for local suburbs like ‘SEO Castle Hill‘ or both, depending on your budget and how competitive the keywords are. Your specific services will be identified and elaborated to target customers with intent. The strategy may include improving the content and operation of your website, making technical adjustments for search algorithms, improving your brand awareness online, automating your social presence and helping with targeted content marketing, setting up systems for getting reviews, and implementing a link strategy for building authority, to name a few options. HD will track and report to make sure your local SEO campaign gets the results you need.

What To Expect

There is no magic wand for achieving the top Google ranking spots, although plenty of agencies will try to convince you there is. A key is a holistic approach that is superior to your competitors trying to rank for the same keywords. Most SEO campaigns take several months to start showing results. It takes time for algorithms and searches bots to find and consider your website and its changes. Google needs to establish trust in your business. The first goal is to get you onto the front page. We need our clients to work with us to achieve your marketing goals. Clients should view the campaign in terms of return on investment (ROI) and compare SEO to alternative advertising methods. Often a combination of paid advertising (like Google Adwords) can be used at the beginning of a campaign if a client wants immediate traffic.

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