Ways To Learn Digital Marketing For Any Beginner

Digital Marketing is Increasing in Demand

People increasingly turn to the internet for information, communication, and daily tasks like shopping and banking. It’s not surprising that more than half of the world’s population uses the internet. This means that digital companies can sell their products and services online to their customers.

According to Forbes, 70%of 2019 companies have a digital strategy in place or are in the process of creating one. 52% of marketers around the globe have made digital transformation their main focus to drive growth.

When COVID-19 hits the world, digital transformation accelerates.

The pandemic keeps people inside their homes, driving internet usage online, and we are witnessing the fastest digital transformation in history. Companies are trying to use digital to reach customers and market their products online. The demand for digital marketing professionals to conduct online marketing increases as more companies go online to sell.

Digital Marketing is a promising area for growth and an attractive career option. You may be worried about finding a job because many companies are not hiring right now. Don’t worry about it. Focus on your skills and building your resume.

Do not let digital marketing’s rapid pace outpace your ability to adapt to change and grow your skills. Now is the perfect time to improve your digital marketing skills and be a potential hire once the pandemic situation has improved.

We recommend these 3 ways for fresh graduates or those looking to get into digital marketing.

Ways To Learn Digital Marketing

Take advantage of online resources to learn for yourself.

Google and Facebook offer certified courses for free.

You can start by using free online resources.

Google’s Skillshop and Facebook Blueprint are popular platforms for aspiring digital marketers. They are trusted and reliable sources of learning and offer a wide range of updated and current courses. After completing the lessons, you can earn recognized certificates.

Let’s take a look at Google Skillshop. It provides important courses on its products, such as Google Analytics or Google Ads – all of which are vital tools used by digital marketers agencies and ad professionals today. It will benefit you to learn how these Google products can be used to their full potential and earn a Google product certificate to show your expertise to future employers.

Lessons and content can also be categorized by difficulty level. This will make it easier to learn for beginners. You should note that Google Skillshop certifications usually last 1 year, so you must recertify every year. You don’t have to worry about it, and Google Skillshop will remind you to recertify before the certification expires.

HubSpot is another popular learning platform for marketers, Facebook Blueprint, and Google Skillshop. HubSpot’s website will show you a large library of online and free training courses. Learning is easy because the courses are usually less than four hours long. Industry experts are also teaching them.

General Assembly is another popular educational site that offers ” Free Fridays”, free courses for beginners in digital marketing. These courses are not certified, but they can be used as guidelines for anyone who wants to get into digital marketing.

Get discounted digital marketing courses.

Equinet Academy and ClickAcademy Asian are great options. Click Academy Asia offers corporate and public training in digital marketing, media, and advertising. It also teaches leadership skills and soft skills. We recommend the Certified Digital Marketing Strategist program. This course will provide up to 90% subsidy for self-funded Singaporeans. This course will give you a solid overview of all areas of digital marketing.

Udemy is offering a special promotion on their web design courses, which will provide a deeper understanding of UI/UX design.

Get hands-on experience

It doesn’t matter if you’re running an Instagram account, writing articles, or shooting videos. You need practical skills that go beyond theoretical knowledge.

Perhaps you are a passionate reader who also has a passion for writing. Start a blog to create a collection of articles that you would love to share with your readers. Our guide will help you improve your content marketing skills. You can also access our copywriting tips. You will improve your content creation skills the more you write.

You can improve your writing skills if you are not a good writer but enjoy editing and shooting videos. This skill is essential for many businesses. You don’t need a professional camera. You can start with your smartphone and play with different angles and frames. You will become more proficient at videography the more you practice.

You’re building your portfolio as you work on your projects. This will give you an edge over other applicants who don’t have a portfolio.

Learn on the Job from a Fitting Company

The best way to learn is to work in the field. This is because you can ask questions, work on real projects, and measure the actual results.

This might not be possible in these times, where many people work remotely. It would be best to take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your digital marketing skills. As a potential employee, build your portfolio and learn about the industry to be more appealing.

You will be better equipped to get a job at a digital marketing agency once the pandemic situation is under control and hiring resumes are available. Take a look at our job opportunities if you are interested in a career in digital marketing.

Wrapping up

Digital Marketing encompasses everything, from copywriting to enhancing customer experience via better UI/UX design. You can become an expert in many areas and many different ways to do this. Check out these online learning platforms to start your digital marketing journey. Keep reading our blog for the latest news on Digital Marketing.

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