How can you make a digital marketing report?

Even small businesses are turning to digital marketing in today’s digital age. Digital marketing is becoming more important than ever as more businesses realize its importance. Learn more about the vast¬†scope and importance of Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing is now more important than traditional marketing. It is crucial to measure its effectiveness. It can be easily measured using various digital marketing tools and analytics.

What is a Digital Marketing Report, and how can it help you?

A digital marketing report can be described as a presentation or document that contains data and findings from multiple sources to show the overall performance of your digital strategy.

A digital marketing report helps determine whether current digital marketing strategies are effective. It helps determine which strategy is most effective for the brand and provides direction for future campaigns.

Digital Marketing Report: The Fundamentals

It is essential to know the basics of digital marketing before you start.

  • Identify Your Company’s Goals

First, determine your company’s goals. What are you trying to achieve with your company? A rise in sales An increase in clicks Increased brand awareness Choose your report metrics accordingly.

  • Target Audience

Understanding who is your target audience is. Demographics like age, gender, and location. They play an important role.

  • Understanding Consumer Needs

Once you have identified your target audience, it’s time to look at what it is looking for. Your communication should be tailored to your target audience and your brand positioning accordingly.

  • Measurable KPIs

Know which KPIs are most important for your business or company. Below are some key KPIs: Bounce rate and Conversions. Leads. Brand Awareness & Impressions.

  • ROI

Any campaign or business exists to generate revenue. It is important to determine ROI (returns on investment)

  • Less is more

Don’t include any unnecessary information in your report. Avoid unnecessary information, as it will confuse the reader.

How to Create a Digital Marketing Report?

Let’s look at the steps involved in creating a great digital marketing report.

Defined goals campaign success or failure is determined by the goals set at the beginning. These goals are the direction of the digital marketing report. Analyzing the data is key to achieving the original goal.

Make it Pictorial

To represent your data, you can add graphs or pie charts. Visually, large chunks of data are much easier to digest. This adds value to the report and also reflects the time spent.

Campaign Overview

The supervisor must understand the campaign overview when a report is received. It would be best to give a brief overview of the report.

All Channels Included

All channels that you use for marketing purposes should be included. Include social media, paid ads, websites, etc. Include this information in your report. Clients or supervisors would like to know the best marketing medium.


You should also include a separate SEO report. Include SEO goals, results, and the actions taken to achieve them.

Paid Media Report

A separate section should be created for paid media investments.


Include key findings and takeaways. This will allow you to add value by providing suggestions for the future.

Digital Marketing Report Template

This is a digital marketing template to help create your digital marketing report.

  • Goals/Objectives

Depending on the nature and purpose of the report, define the goals for each month or year.

  • Summary

In about 2 slides, give a summary of the entire report. The most important metrics should be included. It should be clear and simple to read.

  • Actions –

Do a thorough analysis of your current marketing strategy.

  • PPC Campaigns

Any PPC campaigns conducted, including all metrics like cost per conversion, impressions, click-through rate and ROI.

  • SEM/SEO campaigns

Rankings, top keywords and other results should be included in any SEO/SEM campaign.

  • Social Media Campaigns

The report includes a significant portion of social media. This report will provide an in-depth analysis of all social media channels.

  • Results/Conversions

Include results and conversions in your report.

  • Takeaways and Conclusions

The conclusion must be included in the final leg of the report. These will include lessons learned and takeaways.


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