Which cities are best for digital nomads?

Today’s global-trotting and remote-working professionals can work from anywhere. However, the earning potential for these digital nomads is immense.

It can be daunting to know where to travel and how to spend your time when you first take bold steps toward becoming a digital nomad.

Many experienced remote professionals choose to live in one place for months or years, taking in the culture and living like a local. Some cities may be ideal for this lifestyle, but others might not.

Let’s take a look at the top cities in the world for digital nomads to help you make informed decisions about your travel and work plans.

What makes a city a great place for digital nomads to live?

A city is suitable for digital nomads because it has certain characteristics. It should provide a good work-life balance and plenty of excitement throughout your stay. These are the key attributes that make a city attractive for digital nomads.

Cost of living and accommodation

For digital nomads who want to live in cities, a good mix of accommodation and housing options is crucial. A city’s ability to offer short-term rentals at flexible rates is a plus. This allows for more accommodation for digital nomads.

Internet speed and infrastructure

A reliable, fast internet connection is key to being productive as a digital nomad. Cities with many coworking spaces, nomad-friendly cafes, and reliable internet infrastructures tend to be the most accommodating for professionals who live remote and travel.


These attractions make a city a worthwhile visit, including its medical centers, tourist information hubs, parks, beaches and restaurants.


It is a great place to socialize and network with people from other countries. Connecting with fellow travelers and digital nomads will help you make lasting memories in your new home. It will also allow for further creative collaborations and networking opportunities.

These are the top cities for digital nomads around the world

Let’s now get to know what makes a digital-nomad-friendly destination. Let’s take a look at the top cities for digital nomads around the globe. These cities are lively, welcoming, and fulfill all the criteria.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is a popular destination for English-language teachers and digital nomads. It has a surprisingly low cost of living, beautiful beaches, and many iconic cultural landmarks. Lisbon’s abundance of bars and cafes that are internet-friendly, as well as the affordable transportation system, make it a great choice for digital nomads.

Best for: Transportation and cafe culture.

Istanbul, Turkey

Surrounded by many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Istanbul is an inspiring place to live or work. Istanbul offers a variety of affordable and flexible short-term accommodations, as well as a great remote cafe culture. It also has cheap internal flights to other beautiful Turkish destinations. This makes it the perfect place to explore this country’s most magnificent cities.

Best for Short-term accommodation & weekend trips.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is, without a doubt, one of Europe’s most famous cities. Prague boasts jaw-dropping Gothic and Baroque architectures and small cobbled lanes that are home to hidden bars, cafes and authentic Czech restaurants. It is one of Europe’s most iconic cities. The Czech Republic also offers attractive Songkran celebrations you won’t be disappointed.

Best for Internet infrastructure and access to nature.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is a popular destination for digital nomads because of its warm Argentinian hospitality and striking landmarks around every corner. Apart from the great food and dancing, Buenos Aires is also known for its many modern coworking spaces. You will find the best accommodation, both in terms of space and affordability, just outside the city’s heart. However, the local transportation system can be very reliable.

Best for Overall accessibility & coworking possibilities.

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