8 Tips to Optimize Content on Every Social Media Platform

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It’s easy to advertise and promote on social networks, for social media shopping, or boost a political campaign. Are your campaigns and posts working? This is the trickiest part of social media marketing. Your audience may not like what you think is a clever or interesting post.

A successful social media campaign requires a lot of planning. You must think about content, messaging tone, imagery, and message types. To ensure you grab the right people’s attention on the right platform at the right time, you must understand how to build marketing personas.

Here are eight easy but powerful ways to create great content on any social media platform.

Make short videos

Consumers love mixed media content. However, video is a favourite. Marketers who use video to promote their campaigns receive 66% higher quality leads than those that don’t. A shorter video has a higher chance of being viewed during a social media scan. It also takes less time to create and publish and does not require expertise.

Facebook, Twitter and TikTok all offer live video options. Particularly Instagram offers a range of video formats. Engaging followers with short videos is a great way of monitoring metrics and gaining new followers. The video can be viewed after the live portion is finished. Users who are linked to your profile will still have access to it.

Create interactive social content

User interaction is similar to user favour to social media crawler robots. Your content will appear more favourable if it receives more likes, shares, and comments. Shareable content encourages users to interact and engage, improving ranking and increasing brand loyalty. Interactive content can be found here:

  • Q&A for companies
  • Live interviews
  • Follower polls, quizzes
  • Calculators and tests (such as DMI’s digital skills test).
  • Promotions that focus on shares and likes
  • Interactive maps
  • Photo captioning contests

Embody Humor and Emotion

Your brand can be humanized by evoking emotion, whether it’s through a humorous meme or touching video. This is especially important for 2022, when consumers look for brands that take a stand on key issues and show that they care about these values.

Companies that have a deeper connection with their followers, even if it’s just a silly GIF, meme or meme, are more likely to see repeated comments, likes and shares.

User-Generated content is key

UGC is also known as User-Generated Content. It includes screengrabs created by users and memes. This is a great content optimization technique.

It catches the attention of the creator or followers and engages them. UGC draws from the popularity of something already created and enjoyed. This reduces the time and effort you would have to create your catchy content.

UGC doesn’t mean you have to copy someone else’s work. It’s your unique brand. Please make sure you responsibly share the content and show respect where it is due.

Read and Reply/Respond to Social Comments

Although it sounds simple, reaching out to customers via comments is a proven strategy. Many companies wait for customers to find them on social media. This shouldn’t be the case. Social media is now a customer service channel. It’s a key method to communicate with prospects and answer their questions.

Reach out to other customers, comment, like, share, and even share relevant content. You will also look good to your customers when you interact with them. This increases the likelihood that they will leave comments.

Report on developments & trends

It’s a great way for social media users to be informed about trends and developments in your field. This makes you an authority in your field, and people will be more likely to visit your page. If you represent a company in the fashion sector, your followers may see the new Spring line. In the hope of receiving more news, they’ll follow your posts.

Invite your followers to join

Followers can perceive businesses as stiff and corporate. This portrays your brand as an object, not a person. It shows your customers that you are humanized by sharing relatable content like videos or stories of staff and management.

Ask for Social Media Connections & Followers

It sounds simple because it is! Marketers don’t need to work hard to build relationships – they can ask for them. Because they are social, social media users are often called this. They are social and eager to help brands. When you share your regular content, ask for tags, likes and shares.

It’s a friendly invitation to action. Instead of asking your TikTok users to request a quote for free, ask them to tag their friends and share the content if they like what they see.

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