Video Marketing with a Small Budget

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You’ll be surprised at how much your company can do video marketing if you don’t have the budget. You can make cost-effective videos that deliver results while not spending a lot on equipment or other expenses by thinking outside the box.

It is easy to see the reasons for investing in video marketing

Four Steps to Produce In-House Video

Choose Your Players

First, choose who you want to join your in-house video production crew. You will need someone who can be comfortable in front of the camera or provide voiceovers for videos. If necessary, you may need to find someone who can edit the video footage. The ideal situation is for both roles to be handled by the same person.

Know Your Audience

Everyone involved in creating videos must have a good understanding of the target audience. This will allow you to decide which topics and how to cover them.

Begin by identifying their problems. Show your engineers how you can design and create packaging solutions that are safe and durable. Your audience may be building contractors that must adhere to tight construction deadlines. Show them how your plumbing press technology speeds up projects.

A good reason to have videos produced by someone familiar with your audience is that they will better understand how to set the tone. There may be room for you to be more creative with your video content. However, if your audience prefers a simpler approach, you will know how to keep it.

These measures will ultimately save you time and effort when deciding on the right types of videos and messaging.

Find the Right Equipment

It’s important to use equipment you already own, even if you have a limited budget for video marketing. For example, your smartphone can shoot 4K videos and be an asset in producing high-quality videos. You can also get a cheap camera to capture great video.

Audio and lighting are two factors that can enhance the quality of any video taken on your phone.

Your audience must hear your message to resonate with them. An external microphone will ensure a high-quality audio recording every time. It also saves time because you can use it to voice your video while filming it. Your microphone is a must-have for any demonstration, walk-and-talk or product demonstration in your warehouse or office.

Natural light is the best source of lighting when filming. You will always want your main light source to be in front of what you are filming for the best results. You can purchase cheap lights to supplement your filming outside or in front of a large picture window.

Don’t Forget Post-Production

Some videos can be filmed on-the-fly, and you have the footage ready for posting immediately. There will be times when you might need to edit the content before it goes live.

Consider using a video editor app in this case. To edit videos of events in my children’s lives, I use Android. I can merge clips, add text and music to the videos, and change the aspect ratios depending on whether they will be posted on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok. I am using the free version.

Android is not the only video editor I know of that has received positive feedback. My kids have produced some amazing videos using iMovie on their iPhones. It’s impressive.

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