How do you find the right target audience on Facebook?

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YouTube has shown advertisements to its users for years. Are you a YouTube user who has ever ignored YouTube ads or waited for an advertisement on YouTube to go away while watching YouTube videos?

It is possible that you waited for the skip button.

This could be a sign that the advertisement is not targeted correctly or it could indicate a poor advertisement. It would be a shame to see advertisements that aren’t meant for you!

Why segmenting your audience on Facebook is so important?

It is important to know your target audience and their preferences, likes and dislikes. It is also important to determine the type of advertisement that your customer prefers.

This information is crucial for you to understand so you can engage your audience on Facebook, and convert them into customers.

You should also be able to understand what Facebook ads are all about if you plan on spending money there.

Why waste money on someone who might not be interested in your product/service?

Facebook offers the possibility to target your audience so you can advertise to the right people who might be interested in your product or service.

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Facebook advertising is a great way to target people most likely to purchase your product/service.

This is the core principle of digital marketing. It is not about getting more comments or likes, but rather about reaching consumers and generating sales from those who have the potential to be your customers.

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Let’s now, without further delay, take a look at how to build and improve an effective target audience for Facebook.

How to Increase Your Target Audience on Facebook?

Start with basic demographics:

Facebook will first ask you to choose your target market’s age and location when creating an ad.

This is the most important stage that will affect the success of your ad. If you do your research, and know who your customers are, you will be able target the right audience.

Each of the three options have its own benefits and drawbacks.

Residents who live in this area:

This option is available to businesses whose target audience is located in a specific area. This option can be used by retail shops to advertise products and services in the local area.

Recent visitors to this location:

This option can be used to find people who have visited an area in the past. While “recently” can also mean “currently in”, because Facebook uses mobile GPS only to target, “recently” is not a good idea unless your targeting strategy is clear.

People traveling in this area:

This applies to users who travel more than 125 mi from their home and are within the designated area defined by the device or connection information collected via Facebook.

Target people based on their income level:

Advertisements should reflect the income of those who are purchasing your product or service.

Under the Demographics section, you can target people based upon their income, net worth, or liquid assets.

The income options you have include a variety of ranges, as shown below. These range from 40k to 49k to 75k-99k, 100k-124k, and others. All of these target ranges can be used to estimate the audience based on their selection.

Your Audience can be grouped by their level of education:

You can tailor your campaign by knowing the educational qualifications of your target market.

Also, it is important to consider whether your product will be suitable for people with certain education levels. If your school offers Master’s degrees, you should target students who have a Bachelor’s Degree.

Demographics has a section that focuses on education. 68% of Facebook users have a bachelor’s or higher degree. Facebook offers a lot of opportunities to reach out to people with secondary education if your target client is a bachelor’s degree or above.

Concentrate on where your target audience works:

Are your products or services appealing to professionals in certain industries? You can limit your audience according to work categories in the demographics section.

Find people who are willing to buy your goods or services for a reason/occasion:

Facebook can identify if you are searching for a particular product or service. This is done by looking at what websites you visit and your search history. It’s kind of creepy, if you think about it.

Customers research products online 73% of all the time before buying them, if this is not obvious. Facebook can help you identify the ideal customers in your market and show your ads to them.

They also know when a special occasion is coming up, thanks to people who regularly update their personal information.

This means that even if they don’t know you or are looking at other sites, you still have the chance to convince them to look into your products.


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