How does the Twitter Algorithm Work?

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Twitter is, without a doubt, one of the most popular social media platforms. Twitter’s loyal users have remained loyal over the years despite numerous updates and changes to its algorithm.

Brands have used twitter as an important part of their social media presence, strategies and media-building efforts.

Timeline – Twitter Algorithm

Tweets were previously displayed according to when they were posted. There was no other preference. After an algorithm update, tweets were displayed in random order and did not follow the timeframe.

Twitter’s timeline can now be viewed in two modes: Top Tweets or Latest Tweets.

Top tweets are closely related to your interests and are also based on popularity and relevance. Twitter is experiencing a huge increase in the number and quality of tweets sent every minute. This algorithm update was made to ensure that you don’t get drowned in irrelevant tweets.

The og Twitter timeline shows all tweets in chronological order. It displays the most recent tweets and the oldest ones at the bottom. However, not all tweets will appear if you follow too many people in this mode. The algorithm will still select the most relevant tweets.

Twitter Algorithm Ranking Factors

First, consider how recent you tweet. Twitter’s space can be so crowded that even tweets only a few days old could be considered obsolete. If the tweet is older, the algorithm will not rank you.

User engagement is another important factor. The algorithm will determine if your tweet is useful, funny, or relevant by the number of likes, comments, and retweets.

A major role in this is your account history. This makes you the preferred account to the algorithm if the writer is consistent in tweeting and gains good traction.

These are the main factors used by the algorithm for ranking tweets on a user’s timeline. The algorithm recognizes that every timeline is unique. Therefore, the last factor it considers is the relationship between the user and the accounts he follows.

Did you know? Twitter also shows content based on specific topics, which can be where the maximum amount of ads are displayed.

Twitter Algorithm Listing

Twitter’s interface is flexible. Twitter doesn’t display tweets according to an algorithm. Twitter Lists are one way to personalize your timeline.

This feature allows you to add accounts of brands and people you care about and read their tweets. The algorithm will apply again if you have too many accounts on your list. However, it only applies to tweets from the people on the list.

Twitter Algorithm Performance Insights

Twitter gives insights and a summary of account performance. You can view it in two ways: for the past 28 days or monthly. It will show you the percentage increase or decrease in the number of tweets, profile visits, mentions and followers over the past 28 days.

The monthly summary includes everything above, plus the top tweets, top followers, and top month mentions.

Twitter Algorithm Updates over the Years

  • 2006 – First publication
  • 2014 – Top Topics
  • 2015 – While You Were Away
  • 2016 – Relevance model
  • 2016 – ICYMI
  • 2018 – Top Tweets & Latest Tweets
  • 2019 – Lists
  • 2019 – Topics
  • 2020 – Fleets
  • 2020 – Followed by and Liked by


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