Is your customer engagement strategy future-ready?

Your clients need to engage with customers. This will help them connect with their audience and maintain a strong market presence. Digital agencies must work closely with clients during times of change to create positive customer experiences to help them stay ahead of their competition.

This is even more critical with the rise of “everything customers”, individuals who expect personalized service and memorable experiences every time. Your clients must transform their customer experience digitally and communicate with them to prepare for the future.

This calls for an omnichannel approach. A single integrated Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS), such as Infobip’s Moments, allows your clients to manage their digital interactions from one place.

Are you prepared? Learn how to make your customer engagement strategy fit for the modern consumer.

Offer a unified, cross-channel experience

Strong omnichannel capabilities are essential for future-ready customer engagement strategies. This is a holistic approach to addressing problems and interfacing with customers.

Emails, social media and landing pages are all tools that your clients use to engage and interact with their brands. Their data from these channels is essential to your clients’ marketing. However, it cannot be easy to manage.

Your clients could launch campaigns based on incorrect or incomplete information, target the wrong audience, etc., if they don’t have the right platform. Poor messaging and poor data will result in underperforming campaigns.

All this is possible with an omnichannel customer engagement strategy. Clients can provide consistent, targeted messaging to their customers no matter where they are.

Achieve a personalized, advanced experience for all

Customer engagement is not new to personalization. The number of technologies brands have today means that personalization capabilities are increasing. Advanced personalization is therefore essential to modern customer engagement strategies.

Personalization is a tactic that allows you to use a customer’s name in an email or offer specific offers to customers at the best time to get a sale.

A CPaaS can automate your marketing efforts to deliver targeted marketing to customers on a large scale.

Our CPaaS customer engagement tool allows users to deliver targeted messaging at different stages in the buyer’s journey based on customer segments. Offer discounts to customers who abandon their shopping carts or shoppers celebrating their birthdays.

Personalization is a broad area that offers endless possibilities. This can lead to stronger customer relationships.

Get extensive customer data and analysis

Analytics and data are crucial for building strong customer relationships in 2022. You can help your clients position their marketing by knowing who their customers are, what their customers do with their brand, and how they interact.

These analytics can be gathered using a variety of sources. While customer satisfaction surveys are an example, activity tracking provides more insight and gives you a clear picture of what your clients care about.

Our omnichannel engagement solution also includes web and mobile APIs that allow you to monitor the online behavior of your client’s customers. This allows you to identify their interactions with you and create a comprehensive view of their unique habits.

These data can inform marketing activities and segment communications based upon various factors. Your clients will be able to gain a competitive advantage by delivering engaging messaging that is relevant to their customers.

Moments are what matter

To create future-ready customer engagement strategies, it is crucial to implement a customer engagement solution in the core of your client’s company.

Moments from Infobip is a single solution for class-leading customer engagement. It’s designed to be a one-stop shop for you, your clients and your business. It’s so much more.

These showcases provide a 360-degree view of your clients’ customers, as well as insights that can be used to develop intelligent and predictive analytics.

Moments allows you to create personalized journeys for customers and improve customer experience. Your clients will be more likely to return customers if you have a forward-looking customer strategy.

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