Example of an SEO Proposal

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### Solar

SEO Proposal

Website Details


Service Areas

Sunshine Coast QLD


Residential/Domestic Grid Connect Solar Systems

Residential/Domestic Hybrid Solar Systems

Competition Overview

Top 10 Sites Keyword Difficulty ‘solar power sunshine coast’

Competitor Strength ‘www.solarwide.com.au’

Strategy Overview

Primary Keywords Aiming for a 1-3 ranking.


Avg. Monthly Searches

CPC (cost per click for Google Adwords)

Traffic Value

solar sunshine coast




solar panels sunshine coast




solar power sunshine coast




solar systems sunshine coast




solar installers sunshine coast




solar power specialists sunshine coast




solar power systems sunshine coast




solar panels sunshine coast installers




Secondary Keywords
Secondary keywords for this niche are related to product and brand names. Blog and portfolio posts would target the secondary search terms over the medium to long term.

Google Map Results
A primary focus for your campaign would be to achieve 1-3 ranking in map results for the above primary keywords.

How Do I Do This?

  1. Your website pages need to have content that is as good or better than the ones that currently rank highly.
  2. Your website needs to have metrics that are as good or better than than the ones that currently rank highly.

Some things I will do ON your site to achieve this:

  • Add pages and content to your site.
  • Edit existing pages. The purpose is not to change the look and feel of your site but to add elements into thecontent that are either important to the Google algorithm or important for user conversion rate.
  • Improve the speed of the site.
  • Create/Optimise your blog or portfolio in order to provide regular content update to the site. It doesn’t haveto be displayed in the menu but is key to the strategy. It is best and cheapest if you have your own contentthat you can produce regularly for the site (1 post per 3-6 weeks).
  • Use a 1300 number to track phone calls.
  • Add or edit contact forms.

Some things I will do OFF your website to achieve this:

  • Setup and use Google Search Console and Analytics.
  • Create new social media accounts on high authority platforms using your business logo, name, images.
  • Syndicate your blog/portfolio posts to the above social media accounts.
  • Create citations in high quality business directories using your business name, logo and contact details.
  • Issue press releases.
  • Create profiles on industry and location related websites.
  • Provide you with all documentation and reports including logins, passwords and URLs.
  • Make article submissions to websites with relevant traffic.

*There is more than the above that goes into a campaign however this gives a good overview of the visible changes you might see.

Campaign Management

I use the project management tool Trello to manage campaigns. After adding you as a team member to your project you can view monthly actions and track progress as well as easily access relevant documentation.

Budget & Timeframe

A campaign like such as this will take 6-12 months to start showing a decent return for your investment. It is not possible to rush Google into ranking the site. The purpose of this campaign is to build a really strong site that will rank naturally. Once it is ranking it will be powerful and rank for many search terms not just the ones above. At that point you will have a increased number of phone calls and enquiries on your website and contact forms. The value of which will far exceed your SEO marketing budget. This value is easily measurable by tracking phone calls and contact form submissions.

Suggested Campaign Budget

Package 1)

for the first month followed by ### per month ongoing.

*Package does not include regular monthly blog content. Client to provide regular website content updates.

Package 2)

### for the first month followed by ### per month ongoing.

*Package includes professional monthly blog content.

Billing is paid monthly via Paypal. Billing can be cancelled at anytime by unsubscribing. The recommended duration is not less than 12 months to see maturity of the campaign.

Getting Started

In order to proceed with the campaign I will need some information. Please complete the on-boarding form at this link:

Once I have enough info to start I will send you a link to the Paypal payment page.

If you have any questions please let me know.


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