Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the art of maximising the effectiveness of each piece of content created for your business. Working smarter not harder is the aim of the game. Holeshot can help you ensure that your content is working for you and not the other way around.

What if you could create one piece of content that can be used to across multiple platforms to engage users on your website, social media, image and video sites, audio and document sharing sites to name just a few. The result can be quality traffic and natural backlinks from dozens to hundreds of sources all on autopilot. Sound interesting?

Content Marketing Strategies

Maximising the the reach and return for each piece of content is something that few SEO agencies are going to help you with. HD can help to create semi-automated processes that will turn you content into a lead generating machine. A variety of strategies can be employed that are suitable to your unique business circumstances.

For example: You create a blog post on your website. It about 1000 words and has a few images. This blog post is automatically syndicated onto 30 social media websites you own. Then you turn that blog post into a short video which you post to Youtube and half a dozen other video networks. You then convert the video to slides and distribute it to dozen document sharing platforms. Then you extract the audio and post it to a bunch of audio sites. Get the idea? This method can place a single piece of content onto over a 100 locations at low cost.

Don’t Know Where To Start?

You need some skills and know-how to make this happen. If your business is suited to content marketing, and you are a client of HD, we are going to set you up with the technical network needed to automate your content marketing machine. We will show you how to create targeted content, convert it into the formats required and distribute it with the touch of a button.

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