Facebook Advertising

Facebook is a no brainer for businesses. The ability to accurately target potential customers on the massively daily user base makes Facebook business pages and Facebook advertising an essential marketing tool for business. There is just to many ways to use Facebook ads to go into detail here but they are always evolving and changing. HD can setup campaigns to achieve your specific goals in ways you probably haven’t imagined are possible.

Facebook Ad Basics

Successful Facebook ads require some learning and practice to get effective results. Achieving a workable ROI requires some trial and error and technical know-how to implement a winning campaign. Simply boosting your posts can be effective in some circumstances but most will find this hit and miss. Utilising a variety of ad types and split testing ad creative is important to lowering your cost per click and maximising the reach of your advertising budget. For people new to Facebook advertising its best to learn the basics. Check out this video on Facebook Ads Basics.


HD Search – FB Advertising

HD client’s get access to our experience to help create winning Facebook advertising campaigns. For businesses with products and services suited to this type of marketing a small lead generation campaign or an all-out FB assault can provide results that might surprise you. We can share knowledge to help you run your own campaigns or we can implement a done-for-you approach where we manage the entire campaign. Often we like to run Facebook ads for particular promotions or whilst we are building out the foundation work or during Image SEO and Video SEO campaigns.

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