Google Analytics

Google Analytics can provide valuable insights about how users experience your website and provide actionable data about to improve that user experience. Some of the results can be user spending more time on your website, a higher conversion rate from your traffic and better rankings in the search engines.

Google Analytics Features


For local business marketing Google Analytics can provide a host of data and reports that can show where your traffic is coming from, whether search engines, facebook advertising, PPC advertising or any other platforms. You can see whether your marketing campaigns are working, how well your on-page experience is performing and whether users are flowing through your website in a way that leads to conversions or drop offs. You can monitor you bounce rates, real time traffic, demographics and many other important factors.

HD Search – Google Analytics

If you are not already using Google Analytics then HD will help you set-up and configure the service to start gathering information about your users and your website. You can be involved with this process or leave it up to us. We can provide you with actionable report and make changes to your site based on the insights provided.

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