Keyword Research

Probably the most important element of a good SEO strategy is keyword research. Virtually all content produced for an online audience should be targeted to search keywords. Most people use the internet to find information and that information can really only be delivered based on a small string of words that describe the information the user is looking for. Therefore, in order to get traffic from search engines, content should be produced for those keywords.

So what is keyword research?

Keyword research means finding out what your potential customers are searching for when looking for product and services. There is many ways to do this. Sometimes these are obvious but often they are not. Sometimes the keywords are highly competitive and sometimes very little content is targeting those keywords. Generally the level of competition will be based on the search volume which is how many times are those keywords being searched per month. Tools such as the Google Adwords Keyword Planner are an excellent place to get information about keywords. Finding a balance between level of competition, number of searches, and your marketing budget are crucial to the success of a campaign.

Keyword Strategy

What are the best keywords? HD Search Marketing will research and create a keyword strategy for your particular business requirements based on the factors above. In most situations a mix of short keywords which are generally more competitive and have a higher search volume will be the main keywords. These are going to take more time and more work to get a ranking for so a secondary strategy using ‘long tail keywords’ will be implemented along side the main keywords. Long tail keywords are longer strings of words or phrases that have smaller search volume but still capture traffic with similar intention as your main keywords. We have found this to be an excellent strategy to build your website towards its ultimate goals over the medium and long term.

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