SEO Audit

An SEO audit will provide valuable feedback on the current level of optimisation for an existing website. We can help you identify areas that could be improved or added to your site to boost your websites performance in search engines.

There is a large number of elements that go into optimising a website and keeping track of all of them can be difficult. Not only that but different types of sites require different optimisations. Professional SEO’s will have different methods and techniques to judge the level of optimisation for a website. In the end the only thing that matters is what the search engines think about your website!

HD Marketing Free SEO Audit Tool

HD provides a free no-obligation SEO audit for anyone who would like to get an idea of how well their site is optimised. The HD SEO audit tool will take a look at your website and any other information it can find online. A report will be sent your email immediately. Try it below:

HD will also provide a detailed SEO Audit for quotations and prospective clients. This report goes into much greater detail and will be performed manually to make determinations about the current state of optimisation, strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, competition, strategy and more. This is the basis for all future optimisation and marketing work and is crucial factor in SEO.

Things change frequently therefore keeping track of your current optimisation status using audits and SEO Reports is always a smart decision.

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