Video SEO

Video SEO is the art of getting your video content to perform well in search results for major platforms like Youtube and Google. Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world behind Google and is still growing exponentially. Huge numbers of people find information and form lasting trusted relationships with content marketers on Youtube.

The fact is that most people prefer to consume information in video format. Just look at any Facebook feed and you see it dominated by video content. Video allows people to form a deeper relationship with an audience. This is something that can provide a massive advantage over competitors who are not using video.

Search engine optimisation for video is essentially the same in principle as for any other piece of content. The better the optimisation the more people will find it when searching for that type of content. However, the strategies and tactics for video SEO can be different.

Video SEO for your business

Some businesses are particularly well suited to video marketing. Think about the information you could provide about your products or services. People search online for things like product and business reviews, local information, tips and how to’s, just to name a few things. This type of content is best when provided in video format. Search engines understand this and want to promote this type of content to their users. When done correctly this type of content can drive traffic to your website, help improve the rankings of your website, engage your existing audience, win over new loyal followers and have many other benefits. Do not ignore the power of video in your online business.

Like the sound of this but don’t know where to start?

HD Marketing include video SEO and image SEO with our tailored plans. We can quickly and affordably assist with creating video content that is either produced by you or done for you. Each business circumstance is different and the video content marketing strategy we develop will be efficient and effective.

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